Energy, Economics, and Environment, are the three “e”s that are interconnected and play a special role in this new world. The economy depends on energy, and the environment supplies it. If the environment can no longer supply this energy that the economy needs, there occurs a collapse where the living standards of many people are affected. In the year 2010 most known oil reserves reached their peak production point, meaning that every year production will be lower. (1) We are starting to live the moment where our economy is deteriorating due to smaller amount of energy that our environment can give us.


      “Discoveries of new oil fields peaked 30 years ago, and since then we have been extracting and consuming more oil than that we have been discovering” (1)

Mr. Chris Martenson and his Idea











    Mr. Martenson is a father of three children and a Scientist. He graduated from Duke and obtained a PhD specializing in Neurotoxicology. He wanted to teach, but after sometime switched his profession and obtained an MBA in finance from Cornell. He worked his way up to high paying positions and was able to live a wealthy life in Connecticut. He now lives in a small house in rural Massachusetts where he dedicates his life to raise awareness about the recent environmental problems, and to self sustain himself as well as possible. (4)

  Exponential growth and depletion of resources



      Mr. Martenson emphasizes that the rate at which resources are demanded and consumed are increasing at an exponential rate, but the rate at which the resources are becoming available is decreasing. This leads us to understanding that we are coming to a doomsday, where the resources will not be enough for all of us, and eventually end. He explains how this can be either a problem with a solution, or a predicament with an outcome. We are no yet sure of this answer, but surely we would like this to be a problem with solution. The most important relationship to understand in what he says is the three “e” relationship where most of the things that happen in our world economically and even politically and socially, are linked to our economy, and the economy relies on the resources to function. If our living standard goes down, as well as our economic situation at the moment, most probably there is an environmental link to such an issue.

   This show us how the environment has given us the ability to live the life we have lived for many years, but now it cannot give it back to us since we have abused it. The days of our punishment by nature are coming and we might be living them at this exact moment.



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