Biodiversity makes our world beautiful

   It is also referred to as biological diversity, and it means the total variety of living organisms in a population including their genes, and communities. Our world is full of more than 100 million species including a big number of uncategorized species. (1) It makes our world richer yet sadly human intervention in natural habitats cause the extermination of many of these species.          

  The Thylacine (4)

How did the Thylacine go extinct?

  The Thylacinus cynocephalus, or dog headed pouched dog, was a large marsupial carnivore. It is more commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger. It was of a sand brownish color with stripes from head to tail. It had short and stiff legs and tail, and had a thick short hair of about 15mm. (2)

   We have proof of fossils and aboriginal paintings that indicate the existence of this animal around Australia and New Guinea, and date an age of about 2200 years. They had a varied preferred habitat. It ranged from the dry eucalypt forests to the swamplands. When Europeans arrived in 1803, they were abundant and widespread. (3)

   This animal was constantly hunted since they were seen as a threat for sheep and other small animals. The habitat that they lived in was also incredibly reduced by humans. Hunting along with negligence and lack of care towards these animals lead to it extinction on September 7 1936 when Benjamin, the last thylacine, died in the Hobart zoo, Tasmania. (4)


 We humans are responsible for the extinction of this animal. Now there is nothing we can do to revive this animal for this process is irreversible. The best we can do is learn from our mistakes to ensure correct animal protection techniques that prevent animals such as the Thylacine from becoming extinct.


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