I am a business administration major starting school as a freshman. I am taking an ecology course this semester, and for this reason I am writing this blog as well as becoming more invloved in enviromental issues localy and around the world.

   This blog will raise awareness concerning possibilities of solutions of current enviromental problems, since I beleive that once we understand the problems that surround us, it is better to start thinking of solutions. I will be most interested in writing about alternative energy in this blog because i believe it is the way out of harmfull combustion that hurts our atmosphere, and because the exploitation of nonrenewable resouces such as oil can be very dangeruos and have negative effects upon the enviroment that might be triggered indirectly and unwillingly. Such an example is what happened recently concerning the “bp” oil spill in the gulf of mexico.

   So you know more about me, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. A beautifull green city in a valley 1000 meters above sea level surrounded by inmense green mountains whose peaks are about 2000 meters above sea level. The temperature is fresh all year long, and all around the city there are high places with breathtaking views. below is a slideshow of some pictures of the city and its surrounding mountains (Please note that hte video is not made by myself). Also, I am adding a clip of angel falls (the longest waterfall in the world) which is in the unique tepuy region of the amazon in Venezuela.

Hope you enjoy!