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  The understanding of our own human nature will help us in the creation of the most efficient system of harmony between fish and fishermen. I would like to make two things clear first. We humans are greedy and ambitious by nature, and this is not necesarily a bad thing, depending on how it is manipulated, since life would be absolutely meaningless without incentives and desires. We are also egocentric creatures, meaning that mainly we care about ourselves more than others. Be it good or bad, this is the way we are and there is no arguing about it. I explain this to prove that the solution towards the overfishing in certain areas, which leads to “the tragedy of the commons” is best addressed by the separation of private sea lots for fishing is rather than having government regulate the fishing. Once a person has his own sea lot he will be responsible for its well being since it himself snd only himself. Now the owner has an incentive to mantain and preserve his area so he can have a steady production and growth rate year round. This of course in a big scale leads to a “common” improvement which manifests itself more as a “phenomenon” than as a “planned goal” for the common well being. The second option would be the intervention of government by imposing restrictions and regulations in order to control the fishing rate. this might work to a certain extent but will never be as efficient as private ownership. Government institutions all around the world, due to the big amount of power they hold, are in a very high risk of becoming corrupt, badly administered, bureaucratic, populist, and extremely ambitious organizations. Many things can go wrong by imposing government regulation. Among these are the fact that officials, although they shouldn`t be, could be bribed for allowances by the fishermen, that the government abuses its power and decides to make a fishing business far bigger and with more advantages than the common private owners, and that through this business bureaucracy grows through unneeded employees, which in consequence also hurts the economy. These are only few of all the malicious possibilities governments can think of arranging for their own benefit. I believe the only reason we might all tend to favor government in these issues is the fact that we forget that behind what wee see as “institutions” are people just like us with the same motives and ambitions. It is clear now that if we understand ourselves and others we can all receive mutual benefits without going against our nature.


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  I am a business administration major starting school as a freshman. I am taking an ecology course this semester, and for this reason I am writing this blog as well as becoming more invloved in enviromental issues localy and around the world.

   This blog will raise awareness concerning possibilities of solutions of current enviromental problems, since I beleive that once we understand the problems that surround us, it is better to start thinking of solutions. I will be most interested in writing about alternative energy in this blog because i believe it is the way out of harmfull combustion that hurts our atmosphere, and because the exploitation of nonrenewable resouces such as oil can be very dangeruos and have negative effects upon the enviroment that might be triggered indirectly and unwillingly. Such an example is what happened recently concerning the “bp” oil spill in the gulf of mexico.

   So you know more about me, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. A beautifull green city in a valley 1000 meters above sea level surrounded by inmense green mountains whose peaks are about 2000 meters above sea level. The temperature is fresh all year long, and all around the city there are high places with breathtaking views. below is a slideshow of some pictures of the city and its surrounding mountains (Please note that hte video is not made by myself). Also, I am adding a clip of angel falls (the longest waterfall in the world) which is in the unique tepuy region of the amazon in Venezuela.

Hope you enjoy!